These work.

People tell us that our Blundstone CSA Greenpatch steel toe safety work boots are the lightest work boot they’ve ever worn. Pretty incredible when you consider that these rugged steel toe boots are more durable than most heavy clunkers. All-day comfort even on concrete. Pull-on, kick-off convenience.
These work overtime.

Blunstone CSA Greenpatch workboots


#162 CSA Greenpatch in Brown


The Blundstone CSA Greenpatch™ Steel Toe Safety Work boot is lightweight and surprisingly comfortable for a boot with so much safety built in. And of course, their pull-on-kick-off convenience makes them hands-down the easiest safety boots to work with.

sizes: women’s 7 to men’s 14  Buy Now


#163 CSA Greenpatch in Black

sizes: women’s 7 to men’s 14  Buy Now

#164 CSA Greenpatch in Crazy Horse Brown

sizes: women’s 7 to men’s 14  Buy Now


#165 CSA Greenpatch Met Guard “Ute” in Black


sizes: women’s 7 to men’s 14  Buy Now


Radically Simple Construction

• Sturdy front and back pull-on tabs are meant to be used

• Heat formed heel for a snug fit

• New Kevlar CSA approved protection mid-soles. Lighter & more flexible = increased comfort

• Injection molded soles – no adhesives to come unglued, nor stitching to rot

• Deluxe Poron™ footbeds for all day comfort and support

• Bumper kick-toe styling

• Heat Resistant Sole. Slip Resistant Sole. Oil and Acid Resistant Sole. Electric Shock Resistant Sole.

• Dual density polyurethane midsole and thermo urethane (TPU) outsole: weatherproof, durable, lightweight and provides reliable traction

• Weatherproof leather from Blundstone is 2.5mm thick, yet ‘breathes’ for absolute comfort

Only Steel Toe caps work for CSA Safety Boots.

This is what happens to your toes inside plastic or composite toe caps. See the videos below for a visual explanation.


Learn how Blundstone CSA Greenpatch Steel Toe Safety work boots are constructed.

View this video.


Learn how to size your Blundstone CSA Greenpatch Steel Toe Safety boots

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Who Wears Them?


Blundstone CSA Steel Toe Safety Boot info sheet







From the moment I put “the Blundstone” on, my feet were in heaven.

Dearest Blundstone Canada, It’s not about the chance of Blundstone taking two Canadians on an adventure down under, but rather a chance to proclaim the name of “Blundstone” being by far, the most comfortable and durable CSA approved work boot. I’ve worked many

The most reliable footwear I have ever owned!

From the birthing room, to the set of local productions like ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’, to delivering parcels with Canada Post, to shovelling snow with my son (the same one in the birthing room four years ago!), my Blundstone boots

Chillin’ in my Blundstone boots!

After a long day of carving an ice lounge in -8 degrees, Its nice to put your feet up.  I would not be without my steel-toed blundstones protecting my feet from 300 lb ice blocks.  Would love to get back to Australia where I

The boys in the sea…


For home and for work.

G’Day Mate …I’ve been travelling all over the world for my job. My first pair of Blundstone Boots were purchased “down under” in the Outback – Parkes NSW …in the heart of the U/G mining . Since then, I’ve been

We’re living the dream.

I timberframe full time, and play with horses on my time off. We’re heading off to play with a large percheron farm in Alberta for a month this summer and I’m about to buy my wife her first pair of

Digging my Blundstone boots.

I’m an archaeologist and these boots have walked on prehistoric pavements, medieval castle floors and the workshop floors of nineteenth century industrial buildings. Regular time travelers. I could do with a break in Australia. Alan Hunter Blair

Climbing to the top in my Blundstone boots.

At the top of a utility pole in my Blundstone boots… it doesn’t get much better than this.  My work involves climbing telephone poles as well as being in and out of customer residences.  I looked long and hard for

The most comfortable boots I ever had.

Blundstone CSA safety boots are great work boots that I have had for the past 7 years! I’ve done a lot of walking and faced the outdoor elements being a truck driver. Spring is back and it’s time to wear

Putting my Blundstone CSA Safety boots to good use.

This is my first pair of Blundstones and I am already putting them to a good use. This pair goes through walls like butter and while doing so they feel so-o-o-o comfortable that I wanted to keep on going Thank

I only need my Blundstone boots

I am a man of little needs but what I do need is my boots. I have tried all other brands but when I wear my Blundstone boots this man is complete. Thanks again. And my gal thanks you to.

There are boots that work.

I wore these Blundstone boots to two weddings, one funeral and for four years of hard work. There are work boots and then there are boots that work. Paul (Daley) Dale

The view from Spoleto.

Caesar’s armies And Napoleon’s too, Tread this path And so can you. Sandals, boots, shoes And more; But ‘way back then – No Blundstone store! But today there is, No excuse not to go – Don your pair And put