Wow! I am impressed, these Boots are unbelievable.

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Well i started on a Boot Hunt, it took me  to 6 or 7 Stores here in Fredericton, NB. Finally a guy a work with said, "Hey have you ever tried Blundstone boots"? I said, "never herd of them. He said, " I have them on right now, have had them for 10 Years and they still feel Great". Well, to make a long storey short I went  and purchased my first pair. Wow! I am impressed, these Boots are unbelievable. I have been telling everyone at work and really they are the Best Boot I have ever had on my feet in my 36 Years. What would it mean to mean to get to go Australia? Considering I have never been out of Canada, words would never ever describe what it would feel and mean to me.  Here is a Picture of my very first Blundstones and I really think I will go and buy another Color . Thanks. Chad Crouse Fredericton, NB

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