I am now on my second "old" pair, being used as a nursing shoe.

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Hello, I have worked as a registered nurse doing 12hr shift work in the downtown toronto hospitals since 1988 (which is when I moved to Canada from NYC, and purchased my FIRST pair of Blundstones soon after in the early 1990's......) and the ONLY shoes I can wear that do not hurt are my broken in Blundstones. Every time I buy a new pair (I own 5 now, mostly chisel toes in black and brown, one green suede, and and one pair of RM Williams), the oldest pair is taken to my hospital locker and used as my nursing shoe until my toes literally break through, which happened only once. Yet I still couldn't bring myself to throw them away (they are so comfortable and my feet never swell nor do my legs throb after my 12hr stint in the ICU!). I had them patched up on the inside, and managed to get another year and a half out of them, before the sole finally began to peel from the bottom. This was my very first pair and had been over a decade old. I don't want to gross you out, but they had just spent too many hours getting wet and dirty in the OR..... I am now on my second "old"pair, being used as a nursing shoe. Thank you for not making them in white:) Helen S.

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