Hola friends and Blundstone boots wearers!

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My boots have gotten me lost (and most of the time found too) all over 3 continents and sometimes even in my hometown. They're my go-to and saviors in the snow, the rain and on the dance floor. By some happy circumstance my left and right boots don't match- when I bought them I swear they were the same colour but after a few months of wear it became pretty clear than they weren't! So, I hope this means that somewhere out there (possibly near the Boot Shop in St. Catharines, Ontario) I have a boot sole-mate who probably has just as many stories! Oddly though, it wasn't until I moved to Saskatoon that people started to notice my mismatched feet- but all of them seemed pretty impressed. This picture is a few years old now, and while my Blundstone boots are a little more beat up they are no less amazing than they were on day 1, and I still love getting to check them out when I put my feet up where ever on the planet I happen to be. Big love from the Land of the Living Skies! Hayley Rutherford Saskatoon, SK

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