Just washed off the mud and went to work.

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I live in Ste. Barbe, Quebec, Canada and it can get really muddy here in spring and fall and really dry in the summer and extremely cold in the winter….so my poor Blundstone Boots take a beating….hee hee!!   Even though I use nikwax on them regularly…hee hee! I have a  horse and ride regularly and work in an office….the first few years I wore my boots for both…hee hee!  Just washed off the mud and went to work.  After a while the barn smell was stronger…hee hee than the office could tolerate…so I bought some chisel toe Blundstone Boots for work…..but never have liked them as much as my originals. Here are my all time favorite boots …that have to be replaced this year cause the sole finally gave out and I still wore them for another year cause only the first part of the sole wore out and there is a second one….but the mud filled up the soles…and became very bumpy at the end…. I stopped wearing them last November 2009…..had them for over 6 years… They went to all my horse expeditions/trail rides/competitive rides and on a 6 week trip to Colorado, U.S.A  as well as every day to work for two years !! I loved them and will love my new ones when I get them. They NEVER hurt my feet from the moment I bought them to the time I stopped wearing them ….but my socks got muddy…hee hee ! Great boots for work, play and work great with half chaps for riding long distances…!!  Never got my feet wet in all kinds of mud/water I had to walk through…except for near the end….as I mentioned muddy socks…hee hee! Thanks for making them !!!  I would absolutely LOVE to come to Australia with my new pair on …..hee hee!!!! Nancy Joly Ste. Barbe, Quebec

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