My Blundstone boots kept my feet warm and dry on long hikes

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I just purchased my second pair of Blundstones. The first were well worn after good use and, most recently, a backpacking trip across East Africa. My Blundstones kept my feet warm and dry on long hikes, bus rides, walks on the beach, and day to day use. I was trekking in Kakamenga Rainforest in Western Kenya with two Swiss scientists and a Kenyan guide. The scientists had brand new boots which they'd spent a pretty penny on specifically for trekking; the boots were a special brand for Safari tourists. Halfway through the hike they were eyeing me resentfully as both my companions and our guide had soaked feet from the muddy trails, while my feet were warm, dry, and unblistered in my Blundstones. Good reason to get my second pair as a take off to backpack in India! Attached is a photo of my companions with cold feet at the top of our trek in the rainforest.
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