One of the chefs was wearing Blundstone boots!

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So I arrive in Paris to spend the summer 2005 at the Cordon Bleu. The uniform is great except for the really bad looking shoes they wanted me to buy. I stall and attend a couple classes "out of uniform" and I notice that one of the chefs was wearing Blundstone boots. I always wanted to buy a pair, but never bothered because I assumed that with my wide feet and high insteps, I'd never be able to pull on a laceless boot (had always been the case). I went up to the chef and asked her if the school allows Blundstone boots, to which she said "yes." I hopped on my Vespa and went to the only store I knew in Paris that sold them, and to my surprise, they fit perfectly! Wide, high...I couldn't believe it. So I completed my uniform with a great looking pair of boots, that I have worn EVERY OTHER DAY FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS ALL OVER THE WORLD and finally, they are STARTING to wear out. Needless to say, I've bought a pair of black ones now, and will replace my "Cordon Bleu Brown Blundstone boots" when I need to....maybe I'll finally throw them in the Tasman Sea if you send me to Tasmania! Roger Sharp

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