Wearing Blundstone boots to work may actually make you like Mondays...

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I'm not a mountain climber, world traveler, or wrestler of all things wild.  I didn't buy my Blundstone boots to save the world, just my feet.  My boots are #500 Originals in black, nothing fancy.  While they fight for floorspace among the clutter of shoes at our front door, there is something extraordinary and unique about these boots.  Now, when Monday morning comes, instead of bemoaning the start of another week, I gladly pull on my Blundstone boots, grateful for any excuse to spend a day wearing them.  Maybe you should have mentioned that in the advertising -- Warning:  Wearing Blundstone boots to work may actually make you like Mondays.  Thanks for restoring my faith in Monday! Joshua Biggley Charlottetown, PEI

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