My six year old Blundstone 500's

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My six year old Blundstone 500’s

What are they doing? Well they're running a printing press. I gave up years ago, but these boots were made for printing and they just keep going! 10 hour shifts and on my feet all night. I need boots that are super comfortable and can take a beating! I wear them out and about too, hiking the Bruce Trail in Niagara or buying the groceries. My Blundstones are always ready to slip on. I'm also an actor and have used these boots in six plays ( usually playing a drunken Irishman! ). I act from my boots up. If my feet are comfortable there's no part I can't play. My family just can't understand my love for my boots, except for my oldest son who's an air cadet ( very shiny boots!) My boots ain't pretty or fashionable but damn they get the job done and I feel fresh in the feet! I've just ordered a pair of new brown Chisel Toes and I can't wait to slip 'em on! Blundstones for ever! Jens Hansen, Blundstone customer for life!

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