A quarter century of Blundstone boots

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I have worn Blundstone boots for the last quarter-century and found them ideal for all but the most formal situations. I wear mine almost literally 365 days a year, mowing the lawn in them during the summer and shovelling snow in them in the winter. As a professional anthropologist, my Blundstone Boots have gone goose hunting with the Cree in James Bay and trekked up and down the mountains in the French Pyrenees with shepherds. They have also seen the archives of the world's great museums including the British Museum, Natural History Museum (UK), Imperial War Museum and the National Anthropological Archives in Washington, D.C. Last month I did the Coast to Coast Walk in England (approximately 200 miles/325 kilometres from St. Bees on the Irish Sea to Robin Hood's Bay on the North Sea).  I took my two pairs with  me - the #490 Chunk Sole that I wore during the day over moors, fells, dales and bogs,  and the Chisel Toe that I slipped on in the evenings for the pubs. I can honestly say they held up well, especially the Chunk Sole. They more than held their own with $250 special purpose hiking boots that the other Coast to Coasters wore. I have included a photo of my lawn mowing, snow-shovelling, James Bay, Pyrenees Mountains, Coast to Coast Blundstones. I am thinking of giving them a well-deserved retirement, not because they are worn out  (far from it, a lick of polish and they're almost new again) but because they have earned it.

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