He was a juggler, a magician, and a guy with really sweet boots.

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He was a juggler, a magician, and a guy with really sweet boots.

Amidst the flames and daggers being tossed around, I'm at first puzzled with why I can remember the boots the performer was wearing that day, years ago. At the time, I was working my first job at a movie theatre not making that much money. Now, I own two pairs of Blundstone boots; keeping one pair in my truck at all times, and one at the film studio I know work at. For me, it's a day to day process of doing whatever is needed to capture a shot, and sometimes having to find the fastest way to do so. I understand today why these boots stay with me all the time, no matter what the task: the comfort, the style, and the ease of mind when it comes to my safety . They are the only boot out there that somehow seems to look better as they age, and continue to gain compliments. When it's my job to make other things look good- it's nice to know that Blundstone boots can return the favour. In this shot we are on location shooting a 300 year old church. It's a time lapse shot, needing the camera to remain still for some time and stay locked in position. When our trippod head caused us some grief- Blundstone had my back.

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