I bid you farewell – my steel toe Blundstone boots

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I bid you farewell – my steel toe Blundstone boots

Today, I reluctantly retired my pair of black steel-toed Blundstone Boots and purchased new ones. Having recently relocated from Vancouver to Toronto to start a new business, just in time for winter, I realized that the gaping hole over the steel toe, may not fare so well in the snow of Central Canada. As you can see from the photo, they were well-loved and very deserving of a tribute. These fine friends of my feet took me through the demands of my business in decorative precast concrete and most of a six-year "labour-of-love" home renovation. They weathered cement-powder and demolition, kicking down walls and kicking down trails with the dog, as I discovered not only were they the most comfortable work boots I had ever had, but also, my most comfortable pair of shoes... period. They were rarely seen without my feet in them.
So, faithful friends, I bid you farewell, wherever your future journey may take you for although you will be replaced, you will never be forgotten.
Your feet, Khai Foo

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