My sole's mates needed to be replaced

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My sole’s mates needed to be replaced

My trusty shoes have accompanied me to Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Russia and many destinations in Canada and the US. I knew in my heart that evening, when I sat down with my trusty ol’Blundstone boots, that it wasn’t going to be easy. After all, to tell your sole’s mates that because they were wearing out they needed to be replaced…what to do? The ol’left foot pleaded with me and offered up a “loonie” from deep within her sole. But alas, I introduced them to the new pair and sure enough a fight broke out. I pleaded for them to stop…”please stop.” I turned around and….where did the ol’Blundstones go? Upon looking out the kitchen window, there they were, running away from home. I assured them that if they were to come back, I would be glad to try a little shoe repair. I told them should we ever get to Australia I could give them a proper burial. If we got to the Blundstone factory, I told them, they might even do a retro to bring new life again. Doug Beach WEYBURN, SK

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