As long as I have feet I will wear a pair...

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As long as I have feet I will wear a pair…

I have a pair of Blundstone boots that I bought in 2007 and are still in super shape. I work as a Police officer, and am currently posted to a drug section. I wear these boots to work every single day. I have worn these boot while kicking doors during search warrants, chasing and apprehending criminals, giving presentations, you name it.

When I have to testify in court I simply apply a bit of polish, shine them up, and wear them with dress pants and a shirt and tie.When I'm not working, I also wear them. Be it walking, hiking, boating, shopping, or just spending time with the family, I always wear them. To make a long story short, the only place that I don't wear them is in bed, in the shower, and when I go for runs or workout at the gym.They are the best quality boots that I have ever worn in my life. They fit like a pair of old slippers. As long as I have feet, I will have a pair of these fantastic boots!

Dave Emberley
St. John's, NL

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