The Blundstone Family

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The Blundstone Family

The Blundstone family,  My latest pair are the # 164 Crazy horse brown Blundstone boots. I love them because they keep my feet happy and safe. Where do I start? Bought my first pair in Adelaide my home town, wore them though my teens, got married in them, had kids in them, went to Europe in them, settled in Canada in them, travelled far afoot in them. I wear them on my adventure bike, polish them up and go dancing in my chisel toes , wear my 500's on the farm and my new Greenpatchs for work. My Aussie Labradoodle Daisy enjoys them too if she can. Anyway you look at it, Blundstone boots have got us covered, we are a family living life and stepping forward in our Blunnies. Best  regards, Adrian.

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