My Blundstone boots and my Ninja 250

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My Blundstone boots and my Ninja 250

Last year, as a 41 year old woman, I bought a motorcycle which sort of scared me but was exciting. Before I took my lessons I would ride it around the neighbourhood to get used to it. My boots of choice were my Blundstone boots for comfort and the fact there are no laces to get caught in the motorcycle, a Ninja 250.  Perhaps to be expected, at the end of one of my early rides, I dropped the bike.  This is very embarrassing for any rider and I think women in particular who face enough already when joining motorcycle culture. However, I scuffed up my Blundstone boots which I wear all over the place, including work with dress pants since they can pass for shoes.  My story of how I scuffed the boots has a certain cool factor related to me (now 42) owning a motorcycle which almost makes up for dropping my bike which is really not cool at all.  The bike, of course, is red.  Here is a photo of me on my motorcycle before I started the engine for the first time. Terry Cullinan Ottawa, ON

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