All I had on was my Blundstone boots!!!

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All I had on was my Blundstone boots!!!

I bought my Blundstone #550 boots at Robertsons in Kelowna BC Canada. Sadley, I wish I had bought them in OZ but you can't have everything! My favorite thing to do is drink wine in my Blundstone boots at some of the finest (sorry 'bout this) wineries in the world here in the Okanagan Valley. The sun on your face, a flute of the golden necture in one hand, the love of your life in the other and a walk-about in the grapevines.

It seems that one one special day, there we found ourselves, alone in the green rows of chardonnay when nature took its course! Again, sorry 'bout this but without enough time to actually taste the wine, our cloths became very heavy and the warmth of the sun felt good against the hide of our skin. Within what seemed like seconds, all I had on was my Blundstone boots!!!  Those boots preformed with precision and grace as the ground became our matress. Quietly and without hesitation, the moment was filled with passion, wine and boots. Now many would consider this risky, unquestionably brave and sensless, yet in the heat of the day and of the moment, nothing of that nature crossed our minds.

We frequent that winery often and when we do, a sence of anticipation warms our cheeks (face cheeks!...get your mind out of the gutter)and allows us to feel one with the grape....and now with my Blundstone boots.

You know, a wise man once told me that.....before you speak poorly of another person, you should walk a mile in their shoes.  That way, when they realize what you've said about them, you'll be a mile away – and you'll have their shoes….....

Chris Bayne

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