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I recently bought my latest pair of Blundstone boots to replace my last pair, which I bought in 2004 – seven whole years ago! That year, I had just arrived home from Germany, where I'd been living for two years, and was on contract with CBC Television to cover Canada's equestrian team at the Olympics.

I briefly thought of buying some riding/paddock boots, or even a pair of steel-toed work boots, but no. I've been wearing Blundstone boots for years and I figured I'd stick to what I knew.

These ones not only followed Canada's riders around (stomping thru mud, manure and god alone knows what else), but have been gardening, hiking, fossil hunting, canoeing – and then all gussied up to wear at the office.

Last October, though, I noticed they'd sprung a couple of leaks, so I bought some Shoe Goo and patched up the soles. With that and a bit of tea-tree oil polish, my Blundstone boots were ready to go again. But I knew their days were numbered....

Then last month (April), I was sitting in my accountant's office (and she was admiring my Blundstone boots... really) and she told me I'd gotten a pretty nice refund on my tax return. So without batting an eye, I stopped by my favourite shoe store on the way home and got myself a brand new pair of Blundstone boots. Chisel-toe this time, just for a change.

I even snapped a photo of the new ones when I got home and sent them to my accountant, just so she could see. (And I think she may have gone & gotten herself a pair...)

Looking forward to many more years with my latest Blundstone boots! :-)
Jennifer McIntyre
Toronto, Ontario

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