They become like works of art.

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They become like works of art.

What can I say - I went looking for your company to email you a photo of my Blundstone boots and tell you how much I love Love LOVE your boots - and here you have an entire contest, so obviously I am far from the first person attempting to thank you! I have bought these boots since I first laid eyes on them on 4th ave hare in Vancouver, BC. Every 2 years I buy another pair. Most footwear doesn't last me more than a few months. I am hard on my boots, I wear them to work, and I work hard. My Blundstone boots feel amazing on my feet ALL day - sometimes for ten to fourteen hours! No matter if I am working on a film set concrete floor, up a ladder or landscaping on the island, these boots are on my feet. Even after they look like this photo, I have a hard time parting with them, they become like works of art and each bit of wear and tear resulted in something productive. So, thanks!


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