Never go anywhere without them.

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I purchased my Blundstone boots in Australia in 2003 when I was artist in residence in Tasmania. Since that time these boots have traveled with me to other artist in residence positions in France, England, Ottawa (Canada) and the USA. These boots are my studio boots and therefore have been around for the creation of literally hundreds of paintings and 1000’s of linocut prints, not to mention sketching trips in tulip fields all over the world, museums, hiking trails, temples, cathedrals and monuments.

The boots have become so special to me that when I travel, if they are not on my feet, they are in a silk bag in my carry on because I don’t want to chance them going missing in my luggage. On one occasion, I had my luggage searched at customs and was not wearing them.  It was a funny moment.  When the officer came across a silk bag containing my Blundstone boots he asked what was in the bag. I said my boots. They were a little surprised to find my worn in, much loved, paint stained Blundstone boots inside the beautiful bag.

A commercial used to say never go anywhere without your VISA card, I never go anywhere without my Blundstone boots. Last summer while artist in residence in Ottawa, Canada I painted 1000 shoes with school children and created an installation of these shoes for an environmental awareness project. Blundstone boots are truly special to people and NEVER wear out, as I did not come across any Blundstone boots in my sorting through the 1000 plus second hand shoes that were donated.

I have invested in a second pair of boots just two weeks ago. I bought a pair of #063 Chisel Toe in black  because I can wear them, feel great and look a little bit dressed up. I am so excited to have two pairs.

Monique Martin

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  • What a creative and colourful journey. Your autobiographical canvas" is leather. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Jane Edwards Griffin on
  • I found this story very moving, it’s funny to say reading about “boots” is emotional to say the least but I can relate. I “want” so badly to have a pair of my own! I am going to use some birthday money my father gave me to buy my very first pair!
    Years ago a friend from Sweeden allowed me to borrow her Blundstone boots one night to go out and I fell in love with them. Unfortunately she loved them too and I never knew where to get my own until today Gimli MB, at Torgerson’s.

    Tracy Tyefisher on

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