My Blundstone boots are a symbol of opportunity.

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For me, my Blundstone boots are a symbol of opportunity. A jump-off point for my wanderlust. An ability to cover any ground. I wear my Blundstone boots year-round, in all seasons, and on all terrain without ever a worry of discomfort or ill-fit. Reclining in the room where I grew up in Vancouver British Columbia I entertain passing thoughts. Less than a week ago I found this jacket in a thrift store in Nelson - the name "AUSTRALIA" scribed across the arm in white lettering. I felt compelled to buy it and wear it as a reminder that two years ago, after a missed opportunity to visit the land down under, I made it a personal goal to one day make it onto that 15 hour plane ride over the ocean. Recently in my downtime I find myself daydreaming of surf, outback, and coral reef. Looking out this window at the Vancouver mountains I imagine in their place Ayers Rock. I look at the flag emblem on the chest of my jacket and feel a tinge of regret from my past. I look at my feet and see possibility for the future.

Julian Gray

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