Where will your Blundstone Boots take you?

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Where will your Blundstone Boots take you?

Where do my Blundstone Boots take me? My first pair of Blundstone boots have been takin' me to work for the last decade. I teach woodworking in a high school and these CSA Greenpatch steel toe boots protect my feet from falling lumber, dropping hammers, and students bouncing off the walls. My gray 'city slicker' Blundstone boots take me cruising around Van-City. Together we head to Stanley Park, Kit's beach, and Granville Island. My latest addition to the collection is a pair of black Riggers. They take me riding on my motorcycle into BC's interior and beyond. And my good ol' brown Riggers take me out for a night on the town with skirts, legwarmers, dresses, or leggings. These bad boys go with just about anything. All in all, Blundstone boots take me anywhere and everywhere.

Kate Duncan

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