What can I do with my old pair?

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What can I do with my old pair?

The past thirteen years of my life have been enriched by three separate pairs of Blundstone Boots. Each pair has lasted up to 5 years, worn almost everyday and everywhere. When a pair finally meets it's maker, I haven't had the heart to throw them out. They have become plant holders for flower bushes, trees, and an herb pot. One boot became a marker for our beloved cat's grave when she passed. A retired boot was her favorite scratching accessory, and it was marked with her daily clawings. Now when we hike into the bush to visit her grave site, we can find it by the red cedar with her favorite Blundstone marking the site.

I am just about ready to buy a new pair, and again, the question arises - what can I do with my old pair? I am too attached to toss them, and they are too worn for donating... an umbrella holder? Ladle and whisk container? Instrumental "shoe horn"? It would just need a reed... Any creative ideas gladly accepted!

Kind regards and a big, big fan,

Jeannine Chudzik

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