I love my boots and sing their praises to everyone.

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Working as a scientific technician in the subarctic town of Churchill, Manitoba leads to many interesting adventures. For around 7 months of the year many of the roads are impassable and travel consists mainly of snowshoes and snowmobiles. For the other 5 months, my job and lifestyle requires me to do a lot of hiking over rough terrain. My Blundstone boots provide the perfect footwear for that. Whether it’s strolling across the tundra monitoring different flora and fauna species, climbing over coastal rock bluffs, or leading tours in search of the infamous polar bears and beluga whales, these boots let me do my job day in and day out in the utmost comfort. They work great in the fall once the snow starts to drop (with a pair of cozy sheepskin liners). My first pair lasted me over 5 years and only had to be retired after they fell victim to a bored and mischievous puppy. However it all worked out as the led me to purchase a new pair of the Rigger style which let me show off a bit of my country side while still being practical! I love these boots and sing their praises to everyone- 4 of us now sport them at work!

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