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When I first moved to Vancouver from Nova Scotia I thought my days of cold wet feet were over. Living here for a week made me think otherwise. I knew that I wanted a boot that could survive not only the wet conditions, but also a boot that could breath and look good. After popping in the store on West 4th and buying my black Riggers I soon realized that blundstone boots are the best boot ever! I find myself pushing my boots to the limit, I am always suprised with how they are able to cope. This winter they went on many snowshoeing adventures with me. I went on offtrail hikes through the deepest of snow, in the middle of the woods. A great friend who also owns Riggers joined me. Together we tested our boots in the snowy woods of B.C. They are the best walking shoe, best hiking boot and are suprisingly resiliant to snow! I am in love...can you tell? :) Jade-Elise Kirk

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