I love my Blundstones!

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The story starts 3 years ago. A lady bought a pair of Blundstone boots and lost the receipt. She hadn't bought the right size, and without the reciept the store wouldn't let her return them. She turned to a local buy-sell-trade website and found a buyer. For $100, half of the original price, a young local musician, contacted her. Jenny, the musician, had been playing at the farmer's market trying to earn the money for her own pair Blundstone boots. In the email conversation Jenny revealed that she'd just burnt a CD of her music and that she was really excited to start sharing it. They met for tea, and Jenny bought the boots. She let the woman listen to the CD that she'd made and on the spot the woman bought Jenny's first CD for $100. Two months later, after breaking in the pair of Blundstone boots, Jenny realized they weren't quite the right size. They sat in her closet for a few more months after that. She finally earned the money, and purchased a brand new pair of Blundstone boots. She's still wearing them. This is where I come into the picture. I'd been on the hunt for a pair of broken in Blundstone boots for awhile now. I borrowed a pair from a friend and fell in love, unfortuneately he was also in love with his boots so wouldn't let me keep them. I met Jenny through a friend and noticed her boots immidiately. I pointed with lust in my voice and said "ugggh, I want a pair SO BADLY!" She smiled and asked what size my feet were. 2 weeks later we were meeting up for a tea, and she gave to me the boots I still wear today. I love them. I'm on my feet all day waiting tables. I love waxing them! I love sharing the story! And I love my Blundstones! Samson Learn

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