My Boots are a story in Leather

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I have had my Blundstone boots now for seven years. I bought my first pair too small, uninitiated to their relaxed slipper-like fit. The were supposed to keep my feet cozy and dry during my expedition to Scotland where I went to work with my family, check out the Glasgow school of art and generally have the time of my life. I cannot tell you how many times Glasgow’s wild wet weather made me wish the boots were the right fit.  I ended up giving them to my mother who took them to China (that’s is another story). Glasgow has something to do with my strong attachment to Australia, and by connection my Blundstone boots.  I was lucky to share my flat in Glasgow with a girl from Norway, a girl from France, and a guy from Australia. This was such an intense time in my life and these people are still some of the best most intense friends I will ever have. By the end of our time together we had had many amazing adventures; we hiked wild mountains, camped in the rain, explored that strange diverse city, and cooked many an internationally inspired meals. It was a life-changing time for all of us and by the end of our stay the Norwegian and the Australian had fallen in love. But that time came to an end, and we went home to three different continents and four different countries. I bought myself the correct size Blundstone boots when I came back to Canada, and they have been a reminder of my friends.  Since buying them these boots have gone on many Canadian adventures I would like to have shared with my far flung friends- canoe trips and snowy hikes in the rocky mountains, through the wild giant temperate west coast rain forests,  over grassy prairie and through fossil strewn Hoodos. They have scrabbled along the beaches, wandered into the vivid autumn forests of Nova Scotia.  These boots have accompanied me on the cross Canada tour with my band trudging in and out of countless bars, motels and gas stations. They saw Neil Young Play in San Francisco sitting blissfully in poncho on a muddy hill in the rain. They made it back to Scotland where they did indeed prove a very good match for the weather there.  Then, a few years ago they traveled to mythical hybrid realm of “Norlia” via Norway where my geographically challenged friends were finally wed. It is getting about time for a new pair; even though I still turn them over to show people the unbelievable condition of the soles after their 7 years of wear. I would sure like their last hurrah to be a visit with my dearest “Norlian” friends in Australia where they are currently living. Here is to home being where the heart is (which these days is usually more than one place or even one country) because these are the comfy, all weather, well traveled boots to take me there. Jennifer Crighton

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