In my father's Bootsteps...

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Well my story with Blundstone boots started when I was a little tacker in Morwell, Australia. My dad wore them for work and I didn't know what they were called but I sure loved to put my feet into them and play "dad" (of course you don't notice the smell at that age!). I grew up to have my own pair, and used them for work, hiking, pretty much for everything. When I came to Canada to marry my Canadian fiance in 2001 I had no Blundstone boots. It wasn't until I moved down to BC from the NWT several years later that I found them at a local Marks Work wearhouse. I was SO stoked I think I let out a yell! Like some kid in a candy store! I tried a pair on and sure enough, they were just like I used to wear back home in Australia - Strong, comfortable, durable. To me, wearing them now is an instant connection to my homeland and my family though its been so long since I've seen them. Paul McCracken

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