I am a huge fan and continue to buy and recommend Blundstone boots to anyone who will listen.

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I bought my first pair of Blundstone boots back in September of 2002 during my first year of University. I wore my boots almost every day of university (the only exception was when it was warm enough for flip flops). I spent my summers as a tree-planter to help finance my education, and this pair of Blundstone boots made the trip up north and across the country with me every summer for 5 years. I'm not sure if you're familiar with planting, but it beats the heck out of most boots...yet these survived 5 seasons. I have 6 pairs of Blundstone boots, 2 of which are CSA green patch steel toes. Sometimes my work up north required me to wear steel toes so my first choice were my CSA Blundstone boots, and I had to buy a second pair after I loaned the first to my Dad on a work weekend and never got them back. He is now a huge fan also. Anyway, there were quite a few contracts I was on where I could plant in my Blundstone boots, and in this pair I planted well over 100,000 trees. I think you make a great product. Thanks! James Foran

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