Blundstone boots have been on my feet for the best and the worst moments of my life.

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Working as a carpenter in New York City, to Berlin, Paris, and Manitoba I have relied on these boots as my companion. There were times when all I had was a camera and my Blundstone’s (literally) duct taped to my feet. It was the old pair that took me to the coast of San Francisco where I met the love of my life, DD. And with the new, brought a fresh pair of boots, and new adventures with my love. Together we have seen coastlines and countryside of the USA, trying to close the gap between our long distance separation. This love has taken me to some marvellous places with the two things I need to explore with an open heart- the boots and the girl. The boots were my companion in the loneliest of travels, and now they will be on my feet for the loveliest of travels. Corinne Cherepak

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