I'm going to miss these old friends that fit like gloves

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I've had an original pair of Blundstone boots for 10 years that have been my best friends and I love them!  I live in Alberta, Canada and have worn them in the mud at the drilling rig, shovelling snow (you know how many months of the year we have snow!), cutting firewood, camping, hiking, gardening, building and staining a cabin, building clay pots and raku-firing them, quadding, shearing sheep, riding a motorcycle, dressing up and dressing down I'm going to miss these old  friends that fit like gloves but I'm now rocking some new RED 556's! Red, how absolutely awesome is that! I think I'll take my old ones, fill them with dirt and plant some flowers in them, they'll look great in my garden. Thanks Blundstone for some wonderful boots! Susan Barker Alberta, Canada

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