Yeah mate, I should have married my last pair of Blunnys, they survived longer.

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This photo  was taken at the Guildford Mall expansion project in Surrey, B.C., Canada.  I just changed out my work Blundstone boots. This is my 8th pair since 1992, so 20 years.  The pair of steel toes I just ditched survived 4 years, best run yet.  Now working throughout northern B.C. and based in Vancouver.  B4 that,  8 years of working in the mines outside Perth, W.A. Got married to a Vancouver girl in '99,  she pulled the pin 2 years later. My old steel toes went double that. and they never argued or said " no ".  I'm a welder and prefer slip ons with no laces to burn. Have a dressy pair as well for wearing out on the town. Love em,  keep em comin. Cheers, Jon Orders.

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