They're bloody tough - I love 'em!

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It's quite a coincidence that, when I went in to get my latest pair of Blundstone boots, there was a chit of paper in the box suggesting that I send in a photo of my (old) shoes. Hey, I had been planning on doing exactly that (not with the aim of winning a trip to Australia - though I definitely think that's a great idea, sign me up!) for the simple purpose of telling you my Blundstone story. I'm 48, have been wearing shoes nearly all my life, and I've never - never - found a pair of shoes with anything like this level of comfort. It's incredible. In fact, it's become a bit of an issue, I won't wear anything else - ever! My sister bought me my first pair in Vancouver, for Christmas 2009, and (I'm not joking here) apart from about fifteen days in total (out of over 1,000 to date) when I had to wear a penguin suit or some other ridiculous get-up, they've been on my feet every single day since. These shoes have a great story behind (beneath?) them. I'm a motorsport photographer, and these brilliant boots have been all over the place, to dozens of circuits (mostly throughout Asia, where it's brutal) and lots of World Rally Championship events. This isn't some testimonial dreamt up by an ad agency, my experience with these Blundstone boots is real, and pretty special.  I can go into absurd amounts of detail if you'd like... Thanks a million, all! Len P.S. My new pair are still a wee bit tight, but it just reminds me of the long journey ahead, and I'm up for it!

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