Hans and Franz love your boots.

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Dear Blundstone  Canada, As you know, garden gnomes can be seriously hard on things, especially footwear. Its a lucky thing we purchased the finest boots available for them six years ago. Hans and Franz both feel that these boots were just getting broken in and certainly probably would have provided many more years of service - they garden 22 hours a day. We do like our garden gnomes to look good and be properly dressed, we've had a good year, so we bought them a nice new pair - kinda of a Christmas bonus, they both work so hard. They were both so grateful, and wanted to extent their good wishes to the craftsmen and craftswomen at Blundstone Footwear. They also wanted to know if there was any job opportunities available and if you actually employ garden gnomes. We would miss them, but we must do what's best. They live for hundreds of years and the cold wet weather takes its toll. The've even suggested a new product line of gnome footwear - Blundgnome Booties, hoping that might help to sinch the deal. All the best, David and Jeannette Wright PS . If we win the trip to Australia , we could bring Hans and Franz in our baggage

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