I remember what I wore for everyday shoes in the years “B.B.” (Before Blundstone).

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I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve been liking my Blundstone boots.
In 2009 I was strolling past Ocean River Sports in Victoria, BC when I spied a pair of Blundstones in their window. Interestingly enough I found myself inside trying on a pair out-of-the-box. They were far and away the best fitting, most comfortable boots I’ve ever put on.  I wore them home, then every day for the next two weeks.  I was so impressed with my new boots that I returned to the store and bought I second pair thinking, “Well, I might not find Blundstone boots again, so now I’ll have this second pair ready when the first pair wears out in a year or two....
I have been wearing that first pair of Blundstones day in-day-out (and I mean every single day!) since then!  It’s now 2013, so that’s four years of daily wear, and they’re actually better than they were on day one!
I have worn these boots trekking through tropical jungles, on two week long motorcycle tours, climbing to the top of Mayan pyramids, and hiking in the Canadian Rockies, and along cobbled beaches on the BC coast. I even polished them up one day and wore them to my friend’s wedding!
Blundstone boots truly are the best ‘do-it-all’ footwear I’ve ever had;  I can’t imagine anything better, nor can I remember what I wore for everyday shoes in the years “B.B.” (Before Blundstone).
Check out the soles in these pics.  I am extemely impressed!  As for the uppers—twice I have wiped them down and applied a bit of leather dressing (not recently) and that’s the only ‘special care’ they got.
The second pair of Blundstones are still in their box, waiting patiently for this first pair to wear out, but by the looks of things, they’re going to have a long wait!
Thank you, Blundstone, for making such GREAT shoes!!
Tom Hocking

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