From the moment I put “the Blundstone” on, my feet were in heaven.

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Dearest Blundstone Canada, It’s not about the chance of Blundstone taking two Canadians on an adventure down under, but rather a chance to proclaim the name of “Blundstone” being by far, the most comfortable and durable CSA approved work boot. I’ve worked many facets of physically demanding positions. With each position, CSA work boots have been a minimum requirement. I have longed for a work boot that is comfortable and lightweight, yet durable and extremely safe. Finally; twenty years later, with a new position requiring CSA approved work boots yet again, and an awesome colleague, I have found a little bit of heaven for my feet. I recently took a position working for the federal government of my country. Serving my people, saving their lives; I am employed as a marine engineer. Upon a discussion with a stellar “mate”; rather, a fellow engineer, he raved of the name “Blundstone”; all the while, showing off his rather rugged, well-worn shoe apparel. “You’ll never buy another pair of steel toe boots” he would remark, and proceed to say, “I have a brand new pair at home but I still don’t want to get rid of these”. In disbelief, I merely shrugged at the idea of another brand name failing my ailing, aching feet. A few weeks past, my work boots being in major despair; I decided to make the trip to the local shopping plaza to purchase another pair of dreadful work boots. However, this time, it was in search of the so called “most comfortable CSA approved kicks “Blundstone”; and halleluiah, there they were. I must say, they most certainly are! From the moment I put “the Blundstone’” on, my feet were in heaven. I felt as though I was walking on clouds, a feeling never felt from a previous shoe, not to mention a work boot. I am in complete awe on how well these shoes are manufactured, and how well they feel; knowing how safe they are. My feet cannot thank you enough. I am sending you a picture today of my collegue and my workboots in our engine room, whom, if it was not for him, and your company, my feet would be still sore at work! I cannot thank you enough! Please keep up the fantastic work in Tasmania. Adrian Takach

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