Do Blundstone Boots come with a warranty?

Blundstone boots do not come with a lifetime warranty.

 Yes! All Blundstone products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

Over the years a lot of customers have told us that our boots last forever. Although that is very flattering, no leather boots will last “forever.”  We can tell you that Blundstone boots are made from the best and thickest leather available which helps to explain why the Blundstone brand is still going strong after 140 years.

You can add to the life of your boots by keeping the leather treated and conditioned. This will keep the leather soft and pliable. Leather is a natural material like wood and when it dries out it will crack, eventually leading to holes. Never dry your boots with heat: never near fires, heaters such as baseboard heaters, wood stoves etc. Once leather has been dried it loses its suppleness permanently. Dry leather = cracked leather = holes in your boots. This will void any warranty claims, even those that may pertain to rare problems with soles or stitching. Please keep your boots conditioned. Take care of your leather to keep it in good or “ok” shape and we will be happy to assist you with our very supportive warranty and friendly service. 
   This guarantee is void if your boots are damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

“We stand by our products, and have done so since 1870.”

 All warranty claims must be submitted to the store where you bought your boots.
For all other countries please visit

Warranty FAQ's

1. Why do my boots leak?

No leather boots are 100% waterproof. To assist in making your boots water resistant and pliable you should treat the leather with a suitable leather dressing such as a good quality Mink Oil or NikWax. Only The Winter #584 and #566 feature waterproof leather uppers and elastic. The Winter boots should be maintained seasonally with a proper water sealer. 

2.Why do my boots squeak?

Blundstone boots slip on and off with ease however, you may notice that the polyurethane (PU) soles may squeak a bit on smooth or polished/waxed surfaces and this is perfectly normal. If you find that your Blundstone boots are extra squeaky it may be due to the shank that has been improperly installed. If this is the case please follow the warranty returns policy below. 

3. Why is there a gap between the sole and the leather upper?

Blundstone soles are injection molded to the leather uppers. The soles are not glued on to the leather. It is perfectly normal for a small amount of separation to occur between the sole and the leather upper and this is not a warranty concern. This separation can even occur when the boots are brand new and have not been worn yet. The soles are guaranteed not to fall off for the life of the boot.
   If a large portion of the sole of your boots is pulling away from the leather uppers or if you notice a cut in the leather where the edge of the sole meets the leather upper please follow the warranty returns policy below.


4. Why is there air bubbles in my soles?

You may notice tiny air bubbles in the polyurethane (PU) soles. This is an inevitable part of the process of forming the soles and is caused by air getting trapped during the of making the sole. These cosmetic blemishes are perfectly normal and are no cause for concern. 

5. Will treating my boots change their colour and texture?

It is important that you condition your Blundstone boots from time to time with a quality leather conditioner to prevent the leather from drying out or cracking. With some of our styles, you will notice a slight change in colour, darkening of the leather or texture changes when applying a leather conditioner to the boot. This is most noticeable on the Crazy Horse Brown, Rustic Brown and Rustic Black boots. As the leather conditioner dries, the boots will return to their normal colour. 

6. What to do if your boots don't fit properly?

If your boots are too tight across the instep you can take them back to the store that you purchased them from or take them to a Cobbler to have them professionally stretched.  Here's a list of professional cobblers you can contact for boot stretching, elastic repair, pull tab stitching. 

7. What should I do if I've worn though the sole. 

Once you've worn though the outsole of your boots it's time to replace them. Blundstone outsoles can't be repaired.  

8. What should I do to prevent my soles from crumbling?

Under very rare circumstances, boots that have been stored for long periods of time may develop a problem known as Hydrolysis. Hydrolysis damage occurs when moisture builds up in the soles of footwear, If not worn regularly, or stored incorrectly, moisture can build-up and causes the soles to break down through hydrolysis. If you plan on storing your boots for an extended period of time, please ensure they are kept in a cool dry place with good airflow. The best prevention is to wear your boots on a regular basis. 

Warranty Returns Policy

There is no time limit to our warranty. The only criteria, once again, is that you have taken care of your boots. The leather should have no visible cracks or holes and the soles should not be worn through or show any signs of extreme wear. 

Return your Blundstone boots to the store where you purchased them, with the sales receipt if possible and explain your concern. For online purchase warranty claims click here.

You may contact us directly with your warranty concern only if the store where you originally purchased your Blundstone boots is no longer in business or if you have moved. Email with some photos of your Blundstone Boots. 

Please attach photos of:

1. The upper (leather) part on both boots.
2. The entire sole of both boots. 
3. The specific problem area of the boots.
4. The date and size stamped on the sole just in front of the heel section on both boots.

Please send medium to high resolution photos. Keep the email under 5mg.
Be sure include your full name and daytime phone number in the email.
Indicate the store name where the boots were purchased and when.

Please do not drop the boots off to us, as we are not open to the public.
Please click here to view examples of rare potential warranty and non-warranty issues.  
Blundstone boots do not come with a lifetime warranty.