Adyn Townes: A Globetrotting Musician Harnessing the Power of International Collaboration

Adyn Townes: A Globetrotting Musician Harnessing the Power of International Collaboration

New Brunswick native Adyn Townes is engaging. Charming and positive, passionate about life and his life in music, he channels his curiosity about the world and its abundance of intimate human stories into his earnest songwriting, for which he has been internationally recognized.

A 2020 ECMA nomination for Songwriter of the Year, the 2022 ECMA nomination for Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year, and five rounds as an International Songwriting Competition finalist garnered Townes the attention of the Global Music Match, a program created in response to pandemic-induced burdens on the music industry.

Paired with artists from across the globe, Townes and his international partners worked to promote one another on social media, and through that process developed a bond with two of the musicians in particular.

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“Svavar Knútur [from Iceland] and Lucy Ward [from the UK] and I started writing songs on Zoom,” he says. “And we said, ‘Hey, this might be fun if we did something a little creative together.’ We were all looking for something to hold onto, because it’s not a mystery that the pandemic was horrible on the music industry. So every week or so we had a little writing session.”

“It was really cool. We had three different points of view from three different parts of the world, and we wanted to chase it down the rabbit hole. 

The three wrote together remotely for two years before finally meeting this spring for an intensive recording session in Iceland, with an album and tour slated for this fall.

Outside of that international project, Townes is focused on his own music right now, which includes a full lineup of shows in the East Coast and a summer in the studio, with singles lined up for June and August release.

“My last album, In Frames, came out during the pandemic, and it was written about the idea of walking by an apartment unit, where everyone is confined to their own window. Everyone in their windows has their own story, and each song has its own story. I’m so proud of that album,” he says. “During covid, there was just so much going on in the world that I feel people really moved forward in a positive way, missing art. It kind of helped regenerate a resurgence now, where people are more likely to say, ‘Let’s go to shows!’”

“Also during that time, it was easy to become used to not having any expectations put on yourself. When you’re feeling that way, it’s easy to lose some of your drive to climb the mountain. But just in the past year a lot of stuff has presented itself and I’m really excited about getting back into the climb. I hope this carries through and I’m as busy as I can be.”

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