Frequently asked questions

Are Blundstone boots waterproof?

Our weatherproof leather is as waterproof as any leather can be, while still allowing the foot to breathe. If properly cared for, they will prevent most water penetration, keeping your feet warm and dry. Blundstone’s unique construction with a limited number of seams means there are fewer places for water to get in.

What is SPS?

Blundstone’s Shock Protection System (SPS) disperses shock at heel strike and reduces skeletal stress. SPS is incorporated into the boot construction to absorb energy from impact at heel strike. Revolutionary tests indicate that an average of 33% less shock is transmitted to the leg at walking pace. This shock would otherwise be absorbed by your feet, knees and vertebrae.

Can I put a footbed in my Blundstone boots?

Yes, definitely! A few customers will find that the fit may be a bit loose, and a footbed helps provide a more snug fit. Footbeds also help insulate the body from winter elements. Blundstone boots are fully compatible with custom orthotics.

Do Blundstone boots go on sale?

Very rarely, you may find a pair of a discontinued Blundstone boots on sale. All current styles never go on sale in Canada. That includes no Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales and no Boxing Day / Boxing Week sales. 

Why do my boots leak?

No leather boots are 100% waterproof. To assist in making your boots water resistant and pliable you should treat the leather with a suitable leather dressing such as a good quality Mink Oil or NikWax. Only The Winter #584, #1478, #1391 and #1392 feature waterproof leather uppers and elastic. The Winter boots should be maintained seasonally with a proper water sealer. 

Will treating my boots change their colour and texture?

Most Blundstone boots are pre-treated, and as a result, we do not recommend treating them out of the box.  Pre-treated leathers will not absorb any type of leather conditioning or treatment and as a result, they can do more harm than good by sitting on the surface of the boot and attracting dirt.  The exception to this rule would be styles that are manufactured with Rustic Brown, Crazy Horse Brown or Rustic Black leathers. These leathers are treated in such a way to present a distressed appearance and as such do not carry the same pre-treatments as the finished/oiled leathers. You may treat these leathers (but do not have to) with a natural leather conditioner such as mink oil, Otter Wax or Blundstone Waxy + Oily conditioner to provide additional weather proofing and general leather conditioning; however, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ANY TREATMENT APPLIED TO THE RUSTIC BROWN, CRAZY HORSE BROWN OR RUSTIC BLACK LEATHERS WILL DARKEN THE LEATHER INDEFINITELY.  

Treating or conditioning your Blundstone boots is recommended on a regular basis (every 3-6 months depending on use and wear); however, this is done at your own risk and with the understanding that different leathers react differently to various types of oils, conditioners, waxes and sprays, of which we have no control.  

We recommended always to test a small, inconspicuous spot on your boots to ensure you are content with the appearance and results of the use of the conditioner that you choose. 

If you are ever in doubt of what product to use on your Blundstone boots, please consult your local Blundstone dealer or contact us directly.

Please note we cannot be held responsible for any claims, advice or suggestions given by our dealers.

What to do if your boots don't fit properly?

If your boots are too tight across the instep you can take them back to the store that you purchased them from or take them to a Cobbler to have them professionally stretched.  Here's a list of professional cobblers you can contact for boot stretching, elastic repair, pull tab stitching. 

What should I do if I've worn through the sole?

Once you've worn through the outsole of your boots it's time to replace them. Blundstone outsoles can't be repaired.