Every Step Better

For 150 years, our commitment and responsibility to our community has remained unchanged. The difference is that our community now reaches the furthest points of the globe.

Blundstone holds itself to the highest standard. As a responsible business, it’s a journey that will never end.

We will achieve this by striving for constant improvement. By going above and beyond all relevant laws and standards. By being honest and open. Through accountability for ourselves and those within our value chain. And by ensuring that our people do the right thing by our brand, our products and the planet.

We are proud to launch our Every Step Better Program that encapsulates our commitment to ethical and responsible business management, or as we say, simply doing the right thing.

You can hold us accountable...

by sizing us up against our Blundstone Code of Conduct, in which we set the minimum standards and expectations that we and our partners are working together to achieve and exceed. It’s about raising up the welfare of our employees, the responsible and efficient use of resources, and by reducing our footprint on the planet.

Our major partners include Blundstone footwear manufacturers, leather suppliers and Blundstone distributors.

Every step we take, we ask ourselves, is this the right direction for our product, our people and our planet? We acknowledge our journey as a responsible brand is ongoing. But we’ve made a commitment that every step must be better than our last.