Over 150 years of Blundstone.

Blundstone Australia tracks its heritage back to the mid-1800s. Despite having grown into one of the world’s most recognizable boot brands, Blundstone headquarters remains in Tasmania under family ownership, keeping intact long-standing ideals and principles—not the least of which are a total devotion to comfort, ease of use, simplicity of design and value for money spent. Blundstone is a local legend, but good news travels, and, happily, so do Blundstone boots—all the way to Canada

Blundstone Canada has been walking the walk since re-booting the market 25 years ago freeing Canadians from laces, footwear fashion trends, and boots that are more clunk than comfort.

Blundstone boots are a tradition, not a trend, and as you’ll see from the history notes listed below, it’s a tradition that’s got some kick to it.

Blundstone through the years


John and Eliza Blundstone arrive in Hobart from Derbyshire, England. John, an experienced bootsmith, sets up shop in Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tasmania. This was a great comfort to the people of Hobart, who forever after went shoeless, but not bootless!


John establishes a factory and expands to premises on both sides of Collins Street. Takes his son into the business.


John Blundstone & Son is formed and a two-storey factory is erected on Campbell Street.


Brother James and Thomas Cuthbertson purchase Blundstone Pty. Ltd. They merged the manufacturing operations under the Blundstone banner and retain the Blundstone family name for the tannery in South Hobart.

Finding our feet


Sir Harold Cuthbertson, father to James and Thomas, steps into the role of managing director and propels the business successfully for 51 years.


An unpredicted surplus of stock leads to Blundstone for the first time exporting boots. They begin shipping boots to Papua, New Guinea—the first Blundstone export market!


Blundstone becomes the first Australian footwear manufacturer to receive a design award from the Industrial Design Council of Australia, the largest active body promoting industrial design in Australia.


Blundstone begins manufacture of waterproof injection moulded footwear (gumboots).

Showing our range


Tourists and visitors to Australia discover Blundstone boots and begin buying the humble “work” boot for casual footwear. “Word-of-foot” spreads quickly and order requests begin to trickle into South Hobart from around the world.


Blundstone Canada began, importing and distributing boots across Canada.


Covering a lot of ground across Canada, Blundstone boots never left that place that they fit like, well, a nicely worn boot. It’s a place called comfort. That comfort and dependability connected fans from coast to coast through music festivals, schools, special events and social gathering. Blundstone boots were there for every foot they traveled.


Blundstone retails to over 450 dealers throughout Canada. Blundstone Canada continues to deliver boots, along with exemplary customer service, across Canada.