Blundstone Rule of Toe:

To determine Women's Blundstone AUS/UK boot size subtract 3 sizes from your CAN/US size.

To determine Men's Blundstone AUS/UK boot subtract 1 size from your CAN/US size.

To determine Kid's Blundstone AUS/UK boot subtract 1 size from your CAN/US size.

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Length is the most important element when fitting Blundstone boots.

It's normal for there to be a slight amount of heel lift in the boot.

All Blundstone boots have reinforced toes which help keep the shape of the boot intact, therefore, boots will never stretch in length. With wear it's common to find some "give" over the top of the boot. The exception to this is work & safety boots where the steel toes are located.

Blundstone boots will stretch in width but not in length. A good rule of toe is to have a fingers width of space between your biggest toe and the end of the boot.

A note on half sizes for a wider fit.

Half sizes in Blundstone boots do not increase the length of the boot. Instead, they increase the amount of space over the foot by adding more leather providing a wider fit.

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Considerations for fitting a Blundstone Dress boot.

Dress (formerly Chisel toe) are a bit of a longer fit than other Blundstone styles. In our experience, some people go down a ½ to 1 full size in this style to accommodate for the longer fit.

If I already own Blundstone boots where do I find the size?

The size stamp on unisex Blundstone boot soles represents the Australian boot size (UK).

1.Women's Series

Blundstone Women's Series Heel boots. The sole shows your UK, US and EU sizes.

2.All Styles

All Blundstone boot styles (other than Women's Series) have Australian boot size AUS (UK) stamped on the bottom of the boot.


Australian boot size AUS (UK) is unisex sizing.


Kids Blundstone boots are also unisex and stamped on the sole with Australian boot size AUS (UK).

How should my Blundstone Boots fit?

As noted, length is the primary consideration when fitting Blundstone boots. Walk around in the boots in your home and get a sense of whether your front most toe is touching the front of the boots. If they are consistently touching the front of the boots, then the boots are too small. A finger width (or a minimum of ½ an inch) of space between the end of the foot and the end of the boot is recommended for a good fit.

Will my Blundstone boots stretch?

It may be common for you to feel pressure across the instep of the boot where the ‘v-stitching’ comes across the instep. Fit should be firm, leather will stretch with wear and provide a personalized fit. This pressure will often dissipate with regular wear after a two to three-week period as the leather begins to stretch, or can be easily stretched by a cobbler. This pressure should not cause discomfort. If you are unsure if the pressure is normal please reach out to the customer service team before wearing your boots outdoors.

If you find that your Blundstone boots fit too generously, the insoles provided in the box are helpful for snugging up the fit.

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