Blundstone Clog

The Blundstone All-Terrain Clog Is Made for Work & Fit for Anything

Original Article by Tanner Bowden, Field Mag

Anywhere you go, you're bound to see Blundstone boots. The Tasmanian brand’s name always refers to its most popular product: Chelsea boots, typically the Original 500s or revised 550s. The definition might soon broaden though, with the recent launch of the new Blundstone All-Terrain Clog aka Service Clog.

"Available only in black, the All-Terrain Clog is sleek and understated, but this utilitarian aesthetic has long been the key ingredient in the Blundstone recipe."

And like its big brothers, the new mule is made to work—its leather upper is waterproof, its Comfort Air footbed is antibacterial, its midsole has built-in shock absorption, and there's a steel shank for additional support. Also of note is a Vibram rubber outsole for serious grip, molded into a shape that self-cleans by releasing dirt as you walk in it. Yes chef!

"As one might have guessed, all of these features were developed with restaurant, service workers, and other occupations that have people on their feet all day in mind."

Thanks to a growing media-fueled obsession with food and the people making it, restaurant culture has wafted far enough beyond the kitchen to where "chefcore" is a current trend in clothing. The All-Terrain Clog seems to have arrived just in time to giving long time barista mainstays a run for their money.

"The humble clog—aka the mule—itself seems to be having a moment."

The All-Terrain Clog's focus on practicality will likely make it a long-term winner, in and out of kitchens, despite today's current style trends. If you're keen on becoming an early adopter, it's available in Canada now, alongside a new Blundstone Chelsea All-Terrain Shoe for those who want to hide their heel.


This blog post is based on the original article by Tanner Bowden, published on Field Mag on October 18, 2023. For the complete article, please visit Field Mag.