Every step better

You won’t find us standing still where our future is concerned.

We’re going to be continually shifting the goalposts - getting more ambitious, applying the very latest in technology and material advancements, moving ahead of the times.

So keep checking in on us. In the meantime, these are the areas of focus, investigation and consideration for Blundstone.

Minimising Product Impact

Work towards utilising the most environmentally-friendly materials suitable for function, and purpose, beginning with components we use to produce our uppers.

Ethical and transparent conduct

100% of our tier one suppliers and distributors have committed to our Code of Conduct. This document is now a key part of all our agreements with current and future partners.

Waste minimisation

Actively work with tanneries and global partners to ensure we have access to the most modern manufacturing techniques and identify and implement best practice waste minimisation strategies.

Sourcing sustainable materials

The transparency of our leather sourcing will continue to be a key area of focus.

All leather is considered a renewable material. Blundstone source 95% of our leather from sustainably certified tanneries.