I'm pretty sure Blundstone boots saved my left foot.

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My wife and I have been in Blundstone boots for over 15 years. We love them. Two years ago, my bike and I met a taxicab in what screaming eyewitnesses thought was sure to be a cycling fatality. I escaped with only soft tissue damage, and my Blundstone boots 500's (a city cycling must) were a big part of that miracle. With the front of that cab finally stopping at around my hips, I realized that I was still alive (!), and that the tip of my left foot was trapped under the cab's front tire, still safely inside its Blundstone boot! That left boot had flipped upside down, the upper enduring a drag across 2 metres of gravel-strewn pavement, and all with a cab on it!  Imagine what my toes would have looked like if it hadn't held! My Blundstone boots weren't really fit for the office anymore, but the insurance company wouldn't pay for new ones unless I gave up the pair that had saved me! ...I couldn't do it. I haven't worn these boots very much since then - bad memories - but our 17-year-old son does. He finds the 500's just as comfortable as I did (and he thinks that the scarred left boot is truly badass). Today I pulled on the boots just to run out to the car for something. Man!, I miss them... Thanks Blundstone boots; I'm pretty sure your boots saved my left foot. Joe Kosichek, Toronto

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