I don't think they will ever give up!

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I don’t think they will ever give up!

About four years ago I picked up my "special" Blundstone boots at the store on Yonge Street (and on sale also). I had just become a fan of long distance touring on my brand new cruiser (another pic attached) and my "Canadian Blundstone boots became my boot of choice.

60,000 kms later, these boots on my feet all the way, they are still going strong. I don't think they will ever give up.

In small towns in every state east and south of the Mississippi and The Missouri, from Key West to Cape Cod and three Provinces, my boots have been noticed.

The bright red inserts with the Canadian Flag stand out when riding and the "Canadian Maple Leaf, Eh! tab when I show it always is an ice breaker for meeting strangers.

They are irreplaceable!

Ted Southam

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