The perfect choice for keeping warm and comfortable.

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The perfect choice for keeping warm and comfortable.

I love my Blundstone boots for all types of weather and places! They were particularly handy when I broke my arm one winter as they were easy to put on and gave great traction on icy sidewalks! My Blundstone boots are still going strong after almost 3 years of regular wear! (Shhh ~ I also wear them with suits!)

My young daughters wear their Blundstone boots everywhere, even for equestrian riding and in the barns! They've worn at least 3 different sizes each over the last three years! When we went to the Grand Canyon in December 2011, we knew they would be the perfect choice to keep their feet warm and comfortable and give them good traction my photo shows off their brand-new boots bought for the trip to the Canyon!

Thanks for making such great boots!

Maureen Jickling

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