Blundstone 500 boots

Blundstone named in TIME100 Most Influential Companies for 2024

Hobart, Tasmania – 154-year-old iconic Tasmanian brand Blundstone has been named in TIME100 Most Influential Companies for 2024.

Blundstone was listed in the Leaders category as “The everywhere boot”, a name that highlights the versatility and widespread appeal of the beloved boots. The TIME100 piece stated, “Blundstone boots... have been around longer than light bulbs. But now, in its 15th decade, the 100% Tasmanian family-owned company is having a major global moment.”.

The Tasmanian family-owned brand is well-known amongst Australians, who have been wearing the boots since the company started in the 1870’s. Blundstones began as a reliable work boot for factory workers, soldiers, and those working on rugged farmland. It was in the 1960’s (over 90 years after the company was founded), when Blundstone continued to innovate further, developing their iconic and bestselling Chelsea boot, and shifting into a lifestyle space whilst remaining true to their work-wear origins.

Blundstones are now embraced by painters, farmers, musicians, models, actors, and hospitality members around the world, and the company has seen steady international growth over the past decade. Trend forecasting company, The Worth Global Style Network named Blundstone as a brand to watch in 2021, and The New York Times published an article in 2023 stating Blundstones “...may be what fashion historians point to as the boot of the early 2020s”.

Joint-CEO Adam Blake says Blundstone is grateful and honoured to be recognised as a global leader by TIME, stating the Blundstone brand has stood the test of time by remaining true to the origins and its wearers. “We have always stuck to our mission – to produce footwear that people need and love”, says Blake.

“We continue to appeal to people looking for functional, utilitarian products that don’t sacrifice on style or design. We are a must-have product, and fashion found us – not the other way around. We stand the test of time by remaining who we are and what we stand for and striving to always be relevant to the next generation of consumers”.

Blundstone boots on the beach

Blake goes on to attribute Blundstone’s international growth to its commitment to quality, durability, and broad appeal for people from all walks of life.

“Consumers gravitate to us because we are a genuine, authentic, and no-nonsense brand who make durable, comfortable boots with staying power. Footwear has a treasured place in people’s hearts and lives. At any one time our boots can be found on the fashion runway, on a farm, on a construction site, or in the mosh pit at a festival – they are boots for everywhere; boots designed for life; boots that go wherever life takes you. That’s been true for Blundstone since the brand started over 150+ years ago”.