Jessica Sipos: On Set or In the Woods, Blundstone Boots Are This Actress' Footwear of Choice

Jessica Sipos: On Set or In the Woods, Blundstone Boots Are This Actress' Footwear of Choice

In front of the camera, exploring Canada’s back country or simple daily errands, actress Jessica Sipos loves her Blundstone boots for every occasion. Most who know her, identify her with wearing Blundstone boots, not to mention how she constantly advocates for them. “It’s the core values that the company is based upon that resonate with me and the lifestyle they reflect.” And Jessica embraces this lifestyle wholeheartedly.

With nature as her self-proclaimed muse, she’s always finding inspiration in natural settings and unbridled wilderness. While sporting her Blundstone boots, these places remind her “what it is to be alive.” She hopes her next adventure takes her to the rugged landscape of Iceland and the Faroe Islands to explore “majestic volcanic peaks, scenic waterfalls and sprawling country side”. A chance to take her Blundstone boots there “would be a true testament to the versatility of [my] favourite boots.”

Always one to forge her own path, Jessica dove head first into her acting career believing that “if we all walk the same footsteps it’s difficult to have a voice that’s truly our own.” She encourages young women to give themselves permission to “live a big life” and use their influence if not for themselves then “for people without a voice.” Support and uplift one another to give everyone an “opportunity to develop their unique skills and talents.” For Jessica, this is what adds diversity, authenticity and independent thinkers throughout the world.

A natural beauty, inside and out, Jessica uses her experiences to support charitable organizations. She believes “we rise by lifting others” and is something she actively practices. As a spokeswoman with the O.N.E. Campaign Canadian branch, she recently joined in petitioning the house of commons to fulfill Canada’s responsibility “to ensure girls everywhere have access to quality education.” Further, she uses her social media influence to reach out and create awareness about a non-profit organization that Blundstone Canada also actively supports. Mealshare is a social enterprise that provides a “buy one, give one hunger relief program” with the support of restaurants throughout many large Canadian cities.

Another organization that Jessica is passionate about is the Stand with Congo campaign. Originally launched as a mining transparency campaign, Stand with Congo has grown into a global platform for human rights in Congo and is supported by a thriving diverse international community. They support the peace movement through three critical commitments: global advocacy, increasing civic space in Congo, and reclaiming the narrative of a dynamic and hopeful Congo. Every dollar raised directly invests in groups on the ground that provide critical, life-saving support to the Congolese people.

Supporting these organizations and the women around her has provided Jessica with an outlet where she can use her own passions to help and inspire, making her a truly admirable ambassador. From set to adventure, home life to charity work, Jessica like so many others have discovered that Blundstone boots pull on comfort really is all you need to get the job going.