Jordyn Huitema: An Inspiration to Female Athletes Across Canada

Jordyn Huitema: An Inspiration to Female Athletes Across Canada

Whether for work or play, Blundstone boots are the footwear of choice for Jordyn Huitema, youngest member of the Canada Women’s National Soccer team. From farms to classrooms, Blundstone has maintained a reputation of being comfortable and long lasting. A quality that speaks for itself.

As a brand ambassador Jordyn echoes these sentiments when reflecting on Blundstone in her everyday life. Their popularity in the horse-riding community of Chilliwack, BC, where Jordyn grew up was evident but they also extended into her school life, where friends and classmates sported the footwear daily. She, like those who appreciate the brand, understand that Blundstone boots not only look great but they feel great too.

Jordyn shared her love for Blundstone when discussing her upcoming trip with the women’s U20 National Soccer team to Australia. “I will be bringing my [Blundstone] boots…after all that’s where my boots were born and raised.”

Jordyn constantly strives to be her best, sharing advice with us like “never quit”, “hard work will pay off”, and “practice like you play”. At Blundstone Canada we relate to Jordyn’s determination to accomplish anything and stand by her team, or our case, the Blundstone brand. To Jordyn, female comradery amongst her teammates and friends is very important. Since soccer became such an instrumental part of her life, she’s spent less time with friends and family, and supporting her team became imperative. “I look up to [captain] Christine Sinclair for her drive and passion to help make Canada women’s national soccer team number one in the world and I hope to be part of that someday.” This is something Jordyn actively pays forward with the teams she volunteers to coach. A mentor to female athletes across Canada, her connection to the Blundstone Brand is as grounded as she is.

Jordyn’s genuine and authentic attitude make us at Blundstone Canada proud to call her a brand ambassador.